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Raising the bar for fire simulation training with SCDF & HTX

We partnered up with HTX and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to implement  our cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) system capable of recreating and customizing various building-fire scenarios. This partnership promises to enhance training effectiveness and preparedness for emergency responders in Singapore.

Revamping emergency response training

The VR system called REDSUIT aims to revolutionize emergency response training. Through realistic visualizations and interactive elements, it enables users to immerse themselves in virtual environments resembling actual buildings engulfed in fires. The technology allows them to navigate and interact within these scenarios, gaining practical experience and enhancing their decision-making abilities under intense pressure.

Image credit: HTX

Measurably Skilled

To further optimize training outcomes, the VR system includes comprehensive evaluation and analytical capabilities. Trainers can review each trainee’s performance, track their decision-making process, and identify areas for improvement using objective performance metrics. This data-driven approach assists in refining skills, streamlining response strategies, and continuously enhancing overall readiness.

Customizable scenarios

Unlike traditional training simulations, this VR system allows users to customize different building-fire scenarios. By adapting variables such as fire locations, levels of intensity, or structural layouts, trainers can create diverse environments to challenge and train responders effectively. This flexibility ensures a comprehensive training experience that prepares individuals for a wide range of real-world situations.

Realistic fire behavior

One notable feature is the system’s ability to accurately simulate fire behavior. By replicating the movement, growth, and spread of flames, the VR technology provides responders with a realistic understanding of fire dynamics. This level of authenticity facilitates developing effective strategies to extinguish fires safely, prevent further spread, and ensure the safety of both responders and occupants.

Immersion to engage the senses

The immersive experience offered by this VR system adds significant value to training sessions. It engages multiple senses, including sight and sound, to create a highly realistic setting. Responders can navigate through smoke-filled corridors, hear the crackling of flames, and feel the heat generated by the fire. This multi-sensory approach enhances the trainees’ situational awareness and enables them to make swift, accurate decisions.

“We are not trying to replace conventional methods but raise the bar for simulation training”

Dr Saravana Kumar Kumarasamy — Deputy Director, HTX

Enhanced collaboration

The VR system also incorporates a collaborative aspect, enabling multiple responders to train together in the virtual environment. By promoting teamwork and communication, it fosters coordination among various disciplines, such as firefighters, medics, and incident commanders. This feature helps replicate real-life emergency scenarios and cultivates effective cooperation between different response units.

Profound impact

The collaboration between HTX, SCDF, and RE-liON 

has resulted in the development of an advanced VR system designed to enhance training effectiveness for emergency responders. Through customizable building-fire scenarios, realistic fire behavior simulations, immersive experiences, and collaborative training, this technology provides a comprehensive and practical approach to emergency response preparedness. 

With its profound impact on decision-making, coordination, and skill development, the VR system promises to equip responders with the necessary tools to face complex fire incidents confidently.

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