Fire Services
2 Complementary Kits. One Suite.
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Fire Services
2 Complementary Kits. One Suite.
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Trainee Kit

A complete set of VR hard- and software for training. 

Train at home, at your home station and in the area of operation.

Academy Kit

Follow the immersive action while it unfolds. Immediate replays and accurate after action reviews including performance statistics. Aimed at Schools, Training Centers and Academies.


Preparation is the foundation for success in stressful situations. Free from dependencies on infrastructure, personnel, safety rules and regulations, virtual reality (VR) visualises reality on the street without the need for your imagination and enables objective measurements to improve the skills of teams and individuals effectively and efficiently.


On Premise. Available as Subscription with automatic updates and upgrades or…. Pay upfront and obtain ownership.


Tactical training anywhere, anytime for any situation.


Fast turnaround between scenarios and immediate replays from all angles.


Minimum infrastructure needs: use at your station, academy and rapid deployment to a point of need.


Minimum in personnel needs: no IT expertise or safety personnel overhead required.

Structured in 2 comprehensive kits, RE-liON’s end-to-end solutions coupled with deep domain knowledge of law enforcement makes the difference for your team in being better prepared for your next critical task.

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Case Studies

The benefits of Immersive technology for fire services in real-world examples.

Dutch Police Academy use virtual reality training to increase efficiency
Dutch Police discover the power of VR for Scenario Based Training ​
Dutch Military prepares for Room Clearing with RE-liON’s VR solution

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