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10X Improvement in Fire Services training using REDSUIT

We collaborated with Twente Fire Services to create this short video. They use REDSUIT to train reconnaissance skills and compartment fire-fighting.

Some time ago, Twente Fire Services recognised the limits of their regular training programme and they indicated that they could not ignore the benefits of virtual training anymore. Therefore, they joined the REDSUIT co-development program. Twente Fire Services are using REDSUIT to remove overhead and speed up cognitive and motor skill training. The scenarios feature an array of stressors and training environments and include realistic replica equipment. This complete package stimulates and motivates the trainees.

The result? A 10x improvement in diversity of situations trained compared to regular training.

Of course, this is not a complete replacement of regular training. REDSUIT improves regular training: it ensures trainees have the right skills and are safe when going into a live burn house. and ensures that instructors have insight in trainee performance. . This ensures trainees are ready and safe when going into a live burn house.

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