Raising the bar for fire simulation training with SCDF & HTX

We partnered up with HTX and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to implement  our cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) system capable of recreating and customizing various building-fire scenarios. This partnership promises to enhance training effectiveness and preparedness for emergency responders in Singapore. Revamping emergency response training The VR system called REDSUIT aims to revolutionize emergency […]

What makes a Smartvest Smart?

You might wonder: what’s a Smartvest and why is it smart anyways? It’s smart due to all the electronics in it that are interacting together in a way that benefits instead of disturbing the user. Let’s get into more detail of what is needed to make this work. How to Design your Virtual Reality Training […]

10X Improvement in Fire Services training using REDSUIT

We collaborated with Twente Fire Services to create this short video. They use REDSUIT to train reconnaissance skills and compartment fire-fighting. Some time ago, Twente Fire Services recognised the limits of their regular training programme and they indicated that they could not ignore the benefits of virtual training anymore. Therefore, they joined the REDSUIT co-development […]

SUIT VR Backpack Mk2 Nearing Completion

We can finally share a little progress update on our new SUIT release. Following weeks of development, I am happy to share some details of the progress. We’re planning to release this new SUIT Mk2 in the spring. We launched the first release of SUIT in 2017. Since then, we’ve learned a lot of lessons […]

Thoughts about increasing Efficiency in Learning

Many courses take place at the (central) training centres. This is not always practical nor efficient. This is especially visible during this pandemic, now we’re all forced to work from home and limit physical contact with our colleagues. Many organizations have already split their curricula in individual and collective training. One can also break out […]

The Positive Impact of Informal After Action Reviews

Made it just in time before the end of my week. Every once in a while, you come across articles that are worthwhile spending time on. This is an article about After Action Reviews (AARs) that includes a practical template. It takes about 10 minutes to read: Police1: The AAR, an effective assessment tool for […]

Tactical Belt Prototype in H2020 SHOTPROS

BLUESUIT Tactical Belt

Last week’s post was about the Horizon 2020 Shotpros project. This week as well. I can finally give you a peek of our deliverables now that we’re past the mid-term review. The University of Leuven in Belgium held interviews with many of the participating Police Forces. The outcome shows the majority agrees that more realistic […]

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