Picture of Chris Haarmeijer (CEO / Founder)

Chris Haarmeijer (CEO / Founder)


RE-liON Wins 4 Year Framework Contract To Explore Digital Twin Technology for Military Operations

We’re excited to announce we’ve won the tender of European Defence Agency’s (EDA) Explore Defence Digital Twins (EDDI) project. This initiative leverages the potential of Digital Twin technology across all domains of Human, Space, Maritime, Air, and Land systems. It will establish a new benchmark for defense and dual-use by integrating machine learning, simulation, data and immersive technologies.

Our contribution revolves around our expertise in human digital twins and the assessment of human performance concerning tactical and mental readiness in training, planning, and mission execution. The project serves as a proving ground to further validate our vision of Measurably Skilled Readiness. A key element of the initiative is co-developing a number of use cases of digital twins directly with military subject matter experts, ensuring direct alignment with requirements.

We are honored to be part of this consortium alongside partners such as FlySight, HENSOLDT, and TNO. For more information about our role in the EDDI project, or to join the EDDI Community of Practice, feel free to reach out at edaeddi@flysight.it.

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