Improved Lethality. Readiness without Overhead

Train As You Fight

Shoot, move and communicate.
Realistic gear, where you expect it.


One tool touching all aspects of your training pipeline:

  • Close Quarters Battle (CQB)
  • Urban Movement
  • Basic Explosive Breaching
  • Search
  • Reconnaissance
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Patrolling

Insight & Instant Feedback For Faster Learning

In traditional training, insight in performance and instant feedback is hard. Adapting scenario complexity is nearly impossible.

In BLACKSUIT training: a breeze.

30% Improvement

Design your own buildings and scenarios. VR enables infinite choice variations. Operators become 30% faster in completing complex objectives is the outcome of a field trial by the Netherlands Army.

Robust, Reliable, Outdoor

Train as you fight is hard on trainee... and equipment. We know: BLACKSUIT has trained 10.000+ people since 2007.

It is designed as end-to-end solution so we take responsibility for the user experience and technology obsolescence.

Lightweight, 1h Build-up

Save time and bring training to the unit. Mobility makes mission rehearsal in the Area of Operation reality.

100% Safe

Live training is by nature unsafe. And the trend towards more stopping power worsens this situation. VR is 100% safe: no trainees dropping out due to accidents or future claims due to health issues.

Test trainees with BLACKSUIT if they are ready to take the next step to live training.

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Technical Specifications

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