The #1 simulation system for training Special Operations and Infantry

Are you training the best way possible?

Special force operators and dismounted infantry risk their lives for your country on a daily basis. They always strive towards higher quality education and training, to be Agile, Flexible and Ready.

How do you measure if you train the best way possible? Even when you are part of a Special Operations Forces (SOF) unit, there are limits to what you can do in time and budget.

Make training even better...

More than 90% of contemporary MOUT & SOUT curricula up to platoon level training is based around live training at urban ops sites, shooting houses, etc. Live training provides stimuli for physical and technical skills that are the foundation of every operator. Unfortunately, live training also has its restrictions. However, training can be made even better.

By offering a variety of training environments, a mix of different kinds of controllable role play and an objective during or after action review that shows what can be improved upon.

This is part of what RE-liON BLACKSUIT offers.

Small Unit Immersive Training

RE-liON BLACKSUIT is a virtual simulation system for realistic team training and mission rehearsal. This offers substantial benefits live simulation lacks: Objective recording of all actions during training, almost infinite variety in training and mission environments, Controllable role play and all that culturally correct with no overhead(s) in planning and logistics.

Virtual simulation -alone- is not the absolute. However, by adding virtual simulation to your toolbox, you maximize live training results. This is called blended learning. This is depicted in the pictures below: Depending on your training goals, you choose the right training tool.

+ Serious gaming
+ Live training

In simulated exercises, combinations of the above training tools are also possible: serious gaming connected to RE-liON BLACKSUIT. An example: train a Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) or a Visit, Board, Search and Seizure procedure (VBSS). Here the Special Operations Command and Control Element (SOCCE) and enablers are trained jointly with the serious game connected to the SOF team using BLACKSUIT, all in the same environment.

Finally, the option of networking multiple BLACKSUIT systems together enables geographically distributed interaction between coalition forces in their quest to train the global SOF network.

Key BLACKSUIT points

>>>> "Trainees trained with BLACKSUIT are 30% more efficient in complex situations" <<<<

This is revealed by a study executed by TNO for the Netherlands Armed Forces. Compare this to other simulation systems that claim the same but cause motion sickness and show little value when compared to desktop serious gaming.

In conclusion, training with BLACKSUIT does:

  • It increases tactical and mental skills through an unlimited variety of training environments and role players.
  • Train more by removing overhead of f.i. travel time by deploying the system at the unit.
  • Replays exact operator and team behaviour.
  • Plan and rehearse in an exact copy of the mission environment.

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