Picture of Chris Haarmeijer (CEO / Founder)

Chris Haarmeijer (CEO / Founder)


NLD Prison Service (DJI) completes VR training

A team of RE-liON supported a 2-week BLACKSUIT training event for 2 tactical units of the Custodial Institutions Agency (MinJ&V BOT/LBB). The event proved to be an excellent test case for the new hard- and software upgrades RE-liON has been developing lately.

Each day a 4-hour session was provided at our training location, for a total of approximately 75 trainees and instructors.


Training statistics clearly confirmed one of the big benefits of VR: rapid variations around 1-2 training goals and a quick turnaround time between scenarios. Instructors were highly impressed by the deep insight offered through the After Action Review.

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