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1. The Elevator Pitch

“We’re committed to better prepare those who protect us. Our training kits merge VR, wearables and data management ensuring measurably skilled cognition of individuals and teams.”

2. Ideal Customer Profile

Ministry of Defense – larger budgets, larger DMU, longer cycles
  • Yes
    • Infantry – naval, airborne, mechanised, armoured, special.
    • Combat Engineers – counter ied, eod, cbrn.
    • Security Forces – military police, air force security guards, compound protection, naval fleet protection
  • No
    • Cavalry
    • Artillery
    • Fast-jet
    • Rotary-wing
    • Medical
Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) – 1-year cycles, offsets Defense cycles
  • Yes
    • Front-line
    • Special intervention
  • No
    • Crowd & Riot control
    • Crime scene
Fire Services – 1-year cycles, offsets Defense/LEA
  • Yes-ish – next-gen solution available 2025
    • Fire suppression
    • Reconnaissance
    • HazMat
  • No
    • Command & Control
    • Paramedic

3. Buyer Personas

In order to understand buyer personas motivations, we’ve laid out their main concerns as well as what drives their decision. The main buyer personas we’ve described are available for download here.

Market Links
Defense TODO: Download
Law Enforcement TODO: Download

4. Customer Journey

We qualify opportunities in accordance to the following standard:

We’re focussed on converting opportunities to the following phase with the ultimate goal to convert into paying customers. For each phase and tailored to buyer personas, more detailed sales plays are available. 

Please contact your partner-manager.

5. Competition

For most competitors, how to beat strategies have been defined. Please contact your partner manager.

6. Marketing Content

Movie Clips Links
Virtual Shooting Range course (Compact V3, 2023) View
SHOTPROS project, includes operator telemetry (Premium V2, 2022) View
Royal Netherlands Marine Corps CQB course (Premium V1, 2021) View
Law Enforcement de-escalation course & stress assessment (Premium V2, 2021) View
Royal Netherlands Army Urban course (Premium V1, 2019) View
Defense Promotion movie (Premium V1, 2018) View

Leaflets Links
Defense - Compact Leaflet TODO
Law Enforcement - Compact Leaflet TODO

7. Sales Content

Defense Specific Links
Awareness - Deck Download (EN, Source)
Education - Deck TODO: Download (EN, Source)
Education - In-depth Materials Online View
Selection - Deck TODO: Download (EN, Source)

Law Enforcement Specific Links
Awareness - Deck TODO: Download (EN, Source)
Education - Deck TODO: Download (EN, Source)
Education - In-depth Materials Online View
Selection - Deck TODO: Download (EN, Source)

Kit Pricing

Available upon request, please contact your partner manager.

8. Customer Success

  1. Customer onboarding materials (upon request)
  2. Customer education materials (upon request)
  3. Once a first project/proof of concept has been implemented we apply different strategies for:
    • increase: growth in same tier kits
    • expand: growth in supporting kits e.g. academy with trainee kits
    • up-sell: upgrading in tiers
    • cross-sell: combining tiers

Please contact your partner manager to discuss the appropriate strategy and timing.

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