The #1 simulation system for training Fire and Rescue Specialists

Are you training the best way possible?

The level of realism in Live Training is constrained due to safety regulations, which is a good thing: nobody wants injuries or casualties during training. The downside of these regulations is a great deal of overhead though.

Implement REDSUIT as a parallel course next to Live Training mixing both types of training. Track trainee performance provided by REDSUIT in a Learning Management System and benefit the most.

Advantages of REDSUIT

  • Realistic fire, smoke, air track and flame behaviour in a practically endless number of scenarios that can be defined by you.
  • High learning value through use of exact control of flow in scenarios, objectively measured trainee performance and immediate feedback during the After Action Review.
  • Efficient and effective training: setup and cleanup of scenarios is a matter of seconds and travel time is zero: REDSUIT is mobile and can be brought directly to the unit.
  • Train scenarios that cannot be trained in real life due to safety concerns.
  • No physical burden on the instructor.
  • Easy communication between the instructor and trainee(s).
  • No environmental impact, no consumables (water, fuel), no emission of toxic gasses from protective clothing.

Similar to what is found in the military domain: complex operational environments can present significant demands, which threaten the successful completion of mission requirements.

Such demands may include information overload, multiple high-priority tasks, and increased time pressures.

"The hardest thing is to train a firefighter to know that they're overwhelmed. They are trained to feel like they can handle it. It's a rude awakening to recognize your own mortality, but we've got to."

Bottom: Messy real operations.   Top: The abstract clean training environment
Bottom: Real operations.   Top: no blocking street furniture around the training object

Welcome to REDSUIT

RE-liON REDSUIT is based on virtual reality technology. Depending on your requirements, it provides the capability to train single or multiple trainees (team) at the same time in the same scenario. Training goals can be both technical (e.g. handling the fire nozzle) and/or procedural.

Integrating REDSUIT in your pipeline offers substantial benefits live simulation lacks:

  • objective replay of from all angles of all action including communications,
  • fast iteration between a practically infinite array of safe and healthy training environments,
  • controllable role play.

And all of that without the overhead burden in planning and logistics.

REDSUIT -alone- is not the solution. However, by adding REDSUIT to your toolbox, you maximize training results. Depending on your training goals, you choose the best tool from your toolbox.


REDSUIT is not
  • Software for a PC using a mouse and keyboard.
  • A simulator to train command & control.
  • A wildfire simulator.
  • Train as you operate.
  • A NIST-inspired simulation-based training system for single firefighter up to (multiple-)team training including the on-scene commander. This includes smoke, air track, heat and flame.
  • Delivered with nozzles, flash lights, explosimeters.
  • Tailored to what the specialist requires.
Applicable in
  • Reconnaissance.
  • Building construction techniques.
  • Basic fire nozzle techniques including fire streams.
  • Fire control.
  • Ventilation techniques.
  • Hazardous materials.
  • Search & rescue.

During- and After Action Review (AAR)

During and after each training, detailed recordings of performance are available immediately, from every angle. This changes the review in a positive way from if something happened to why something happened. By reviewing and discussing tactical manoeuvres, team members get a better understanding of what is required for good team work. This is the precision part in 'speed & precision'.

Archiving AAR's allows you to use the files as a library to extract lessons identified and consolidate them in updated doctrines closing the loop on improvement of your training curriculum.


Curriculum & Scenario Development

Working with virtual terrains and scenarios only for computer specialists

Think again. The Scenario Development Station (SDS), which is a standard part of REDSUIT, enables specialists in training however without a degree in computer science or geo-information to work with virtual terrains and develop the scenarios that you need. Sketching a relatively simple building in 3D only takes 15 minutes.

History of REDSUIT

REDSUIT is a spin-off of BLACKSUIT and came to life through close cooperation with the Fire Services Twente and part funding via the Ministry of Safety and Justice in The Netherlands.

REDSUIT is in continuous development.