DevOps / IT Team Starter

Salary range: 3.800-4.600 EUR
RE-liON is setting up a DevOps and IT team in order to speed up tools process and to strengthen the online capabilities of our products. Join and help Build!

What you'll do

The tasks for the team you will grow:

  • Supporting the development teams with specialized tools. Deploying and maintaining tools and hardware (servers/infra) for:
    • Unreal Engine tools, such as the existing Derived Data Cache system
    • Maintain and extend software build process tools: Unreal, pure C++, firmware build servers
    • Create archival database systems for builds
    • Create automated testing for VR apps – including test rigs for all our hardware in the field
    • Working with the hardware team to set up inventory systems
  • Supporting and developing the rest of the companies’ IT services.

    • Most of our services are in-house, open-source and self-hosted on dockers and Linux. So experience with Linux/command line is helpful. Examples:
    • Samba Active Directory/LDAP, BIND 9 DNS
    • Services: Jitsi video conferencing, Atlassian (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket), Rocket.Chat, mail systems
    • Researching cost-effectiveness migration to cloud and/or different solutions: scalability and cost with an eye on our planned international expansion
  • Developing our first external (web) services.
    • Tech stack: TypeScript, node.js, no front-end UI framework selected yet
    • The software development and DevOps teams will work closely together.


  • Strong communication skills in in English both verbal and written 
  • Experience with Linux (command line), Docker/VM technologies
  • Experience with cloud providers is a plus
  • A willingness to learn and deeply understand DevOps technology
  • Interest in virtual reality and our target audience
  • Clear leadership potential


  • A flat and informal startup-like working environment in a nice green office
  • An ambitious and mission-driven company culture
  • All teams from prototype to product-to-market work closely together under one roof
  • Independence and flexible working hours

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